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Our products are 100% Web-based and Cloud-ready giving you the flexibility to access information anytime and anywhere, securely.

Case Management

Our case management solutions are state-of-the-art and built with you in mind. We offer solutions for Probation and Parole officers, Investigators, Judicial and Correctional officers. Our solutions are 100% Web-based and are offered both on-premise and cloud platforms. Our solution comes with advanced features such as built-in dashboards – so you can create your unique dashboard based on your job role or function; built-in workflows – so you can create case flows based on your unique business needs; document templating – so you can create your customized forms; dynamic reporting capabilities – so users can create basic reports on the fly and share them with the organization, and advanced data management – with easy data import and duplication detection features. All of this comes with a layer of advanced security features.

Business Intelligence and Big Data

Our business intelligence and analytics tools are geared to give valuable insights into your organizational data anytime, anywhere. Data can be visualized dynamically using bars, pie chart, tables, along with geo-spatial maps, all at the click of the mouse. Our data analytics tools allows for real-time access to data so you can get the most current information in your organization and can make the right decisions at the right time. Our intelligent dashboards can be configured to suit your day-to-day job needs so you only see what is relevant to do your job and in the most efficient manner possible. Our business intelligence tool features an ad-hoc reporting module so you can create your own ad-hoc reports without indulging IT. Reports generated can be exported to multiple file formats like Excel, PDF, Word, XML, etc. for further analysis or distribution. Reports can be scheduled so they show up in your mail box, automatically.

Criminal Justice Information Sharing

Our Integrated Justice suite of products are geared towards providing the right people with the right information at the right time. Intelligent information sharing and safeguarding is at the heart of the solution.

Knowledge Management

Our Knowledge Management products are geared towards sharing institutional knowledge across the enterprise for improved productivity.

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